8.30 guys in the early morning gloom at Turnhouse GC
8.30 guys in the early morning gloom, maybe looking for a lost ball!

Those of you who have risen from your slumbers in Edinburgh at eight o’clock on a winter’s morning will know that in January it’s not yet light. This minor technicality does not deter the resolute members of ‘The 8:30 Club’ but it’s not unknown for off-line drives, and the occasional straight one, to sometimes be lost in the early Turnhouse gloom.


8.30 in the snow
Do you think we should give up?

The 8.30 club was established at Turnhouse Golf Club to give members an opportunity to play competitive golf throughout the winter. By dint of history and practice, we are a gentlemen’s club of approximately 25 members playing on Sunday mornings from October through to April. Our format is fourball Stableford: our philosophy is that if you’ve got out of a warm bed in the middle of the night, then you might as well play all eighteen holes!

Although competition is increasingly keener and gimmies shorter, the motto of the club remains steadfast:
The 8.30 Club is the friendly club!

The 830 Club
The 830 Club enjoy a day out – they did also play golf!

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