In 2007 the 8.30 Club was 60 Years Old!
8.30 Tie and Cap
The 8.30 Tie & Cap were presented to members in 2007 to celebrate the club’s 60th birthday. In 2022 the 8.30 club will be 75 years old – how will we celebrate?








The 8.30 club was established at Turnhouse Golf Club, Edinburgh to give members an opportunity to play competitive golf throughout the winter. By dint of  history and practice, we are a gentlemen’s club of approximately 24 members playing on Sunday mornings from October through to April. Our format is fourball Stableford: our philosophy is that if you’ve got out of a warm bed in the middle of the night, then you might as well play all eighteen holes!

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Turnhouse GC clubhouse opening in 1910.

We know that games of golf were organised by a group of founder members since around 1947, and perhaps even from before the War. At this time the club was known as the ‘Nine O’clock Club’, in all probability due to the timing of a passing Edinburgh to Stirling bus; the adjacent Turnhouse railway station had closed in 1930.

The earliest remaining reference to the 8.30 club is engraved on our ‘9 o’clock Club Trophy’, now known as the “8.30 Putter”. It was first presented in 1959, and has been competed for every year since. Later when the club formalised its constitution and competition rules, at its first AGM in February 1973, its name changed to ‘The 8:30 Club’. The significance of the name, according to the original club rules, is that all members had to have teed off by eight-thirty. With the present congestion on the tee early on a Sunday morning, the club tees-off promptly at eight (or before) and the tradition is maintained.

Today the club continues to evolve and now has spring and autumn outings, and a summer knock-out to ensure the camaraderie of the members is maintained throughout the whole year. We present the trophies at our Annual AGM & Dinner.

Although competition is increasingly keener and Gimmies shorter, the motto of the club remains steadfast: the 8.30 Club is the friendly club!

Tom's 10th winIn season 2016-17 Tom Greig made 8.30 history by winning the club’s coveted John Boyd Cup for the 10th time.

8.30 Fun Days Out

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Was it a dream?

47 card
Was it a dream? Historic card above recording the 8.30 Club’s all time high score of 47 by Ian Middlemist on 25th October 1992

A Letter (not an email!)

Remember letters? Click here to read a letter to the late Eric Gilliland (affectionately known as “Mr Golf”) from the 8.30 Captain Ian Middlemist reporting on the 2005 Outing to Aberdour Golf Club.

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