Group photo from the Turnhouse Senior Moments 30th Christmas Lunch


More Christmas 2017 photographs by John Hildersley


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A Short History of the Turnhouse Senior Moments

As age permits, retirement enables many of the 8.30 members to be able to play through the week and some also become members of another Turnhouse group called the Senior Moments.

Just over twenty-four years ago Walter Maguire and John Morrison retired from their respective employment and with time on their hands decided to play some mid-week golf. They approached the senior group (now the Elvie Plus) which played on Tuesday mornings and some of them also on Thursdays but were rejected as being too young.  Accordingly they started to play themselves on the alternative mornings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  They were soon joined by other retirees and so started a group which has now grown to a notional membership of some thirty players, including three past Captains.

It has always been a shortcoming that they never had a group name and so at the 2011 Christmas Lunch a plea went out for suggestions for one and as a result of a majority vote the name ‘Senior Moments’ has been adopted and it is hoped that the majority of members will remember what it is!

John Morrison, 29 February 2012


The group was formed on 1st October 1987 and the original participants, Walter and John, were soon added to by Les Dunn, Bob Brown (Senior) (The Sheikh), Jim McColl and then Andrew Brunton.
There has only been one trophy which was a medal donated by Jack Cumming to be held by the person achieving the most points in a three ball game called “In the Chair”. The last holder was Jim Foley (9 points) who died a few years ago and unfortunately the medal has not been seen since.

“In the Chair”

The Senior Moments try to play four-ball games but if numbers dictate they will play in groups of 4 and 3 and one of the games regularly adopted by the 3-ball game is called “In the Chair”.
“In the Chair” is a great game and the rules are as follows:
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Christmas 2016 photographs by John Hildersley




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Hopalong Takes Command

Christmas 2015 photographs by John Hildersley

Our thanks again to Ian Middlemist (aka Hopalong) who organised another successful Senior Moments Christmas Lunch.

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Christmas 2014 photographs by John Hildersley


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Christmas 2013 photographs by John Hildersley

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Christmas 2012 photos by Dave Simpson

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